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Why our Moss Removal?

Moss can be persistent in growth within your properties, especially your roof, walkways, and driveways. Moss grows where there is moisture and organic debris. It reproduces rapidly because it just needs thin films of water and moisture. Before you know it, its all over your place! Though hand cleaning seems easy and accessible, nothing beats a professional work when it comes to moss removal.

Johnny Tsunami’s expert staff can keep your roof, walkways, and driveways safe from this stubborn moss. When neglected, moss grows in unimaginable speed, over time it can cause serious damage to your property. Avoiding these problems can save you from paying so much for the cost of repairs and replacements. It can also save you so much time and keep your mind at ease. In Johnny Tsunami, we use low pressure washing on your roof to take down moss. Besides cleaning it with low pressure wash, we apply safe and effective biodegradable moss treatment. We also use this technique in washing your driveways and walkways. Softwash solutions are safe and not damaging to your property’s surface area.

Moss removal and treatment service offered by Johnny Tsunami brings your property protection, beauty, and safety. We want the best in your property from the appearance to the quality tended and maintained by our professionals!

Roof Moss

Roof Moss destroys shingles. Moss needs to be taken care of immediately if seen on your roof. The longer it grows, the more destructive it is.


Johnny uses a non-damaging, low pressure roof cleaning with a safe and effective biodegradable moss treatment.

Walkways & Driveways

We clean moss from walkways and driveways and other surfaces. Our safe and gentle softwash solutions remove moss without damaging surfaces.

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