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Why our Roof Cleaning

Roof is the biggest part of your home and building. It is the one protecting your home and everything inside it. Roof is also what people often notice first and probably the most neglected. It is ought to be maintained and cleaned. Roof should be kept away from pest invasion, stubborn moss and lichens. Though we cannot avoid extreme weather conditions damaging our roof, we can strengthen it through regular roof cleaning. Doing DIY cleaning can be most tempting, it is very important to note that experts should handle this.

            Johnny Tsunami has been the most trusted roof cleaning service in the area. We cater all types of roof from composite/asphalt, cedar, tile, aluminum, and metal. We run our expertise most in metal-tile type of roof. In Johnny Tsunami, we do low pressure washing to gently remove moss, lichen and debris in your roof. Not just that, we also offer roof sweeping, brushing moss removal and cedar restoration. We have different roof treatment options suitable for your property’s needs and condition. Having regular professional roof cleaning on your properties saves you a lot of time and money. There are damages, when overlooked, can cost so much as to the repairs and replacements. Safety is also provided by our competent and skilled staff to ensure your roof cleaning will be at your best pick! We just don’t have the best treatment and equipment’s for this service as well as experts to do the job. We bring out the best in your roof, just like how you want it to stay!

Any Roof Type

We handle any roof type including: composite/asphalt, cedar, tile, aluminum, and metal. We are experts with specialty roofs such as metal-tile.

Restore and Refresh

Roof moss, lichen, and debris can damage a roof prematurely leading to costly repairs or replacement. We breath years of life back into your roof.

Treatment Options

In addition to our low pressure wash we offer roof treatment options, roof sweeping, roof brushing, moss removal and cedar restoration.

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Services provided by JohnnyTsunami. We’re here to make things easy for you. It is important to have high-quality cleaning services.

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    The Tacoma

    We service anywhere in Washington Tacoma. Cleaning services are provided by Johnny Tsunami in Tacoma to ensure that your house looks new and Clean.